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Welcome to IMI Lifestyle Products Pte. Ltd.

Since I last wrote, a new product has been added to our range. This is Fucoidan, a natural seaweed extract that is gaining increasing awareness through the work of those involved with cancer treatment, particularly in Japan and elsewhere around the world too.

We have been appointed by Kanehide-Bio Co., Ltd, the fourth largest conglomerate in Okinawa, Japan, as the exclusive distributor.

Fucoidan is the sliminess that is integral to seaweed. It is extracted through special technology applied to the Okinawa Mozuku seaweed, yielding the highest grade Fucoidan, cultivated in Okinawa waters for this purpose. Production of the Fucoidan in capsules is ISO22000 certified, which includes HACCP safety standards. Customers can therefore be assured of a topmost quality product when purchasing Okinawa Mozuku Fuocidan from us.

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